Location Mikes Gym Spain 1st - 13th of sep

Postural Training & Treatments

Are you intrested in how you can increase your body function? Do you have an old injury that is holding you back? Do you want to try something new?

I will be coming to Mikes gym to do training and treatments in the beginning of September. I will also be holding a free workshop for you that wants to understand more about the concept. You can read more below.

Free Workshop to optimize body function

Welcome to join on Sunday the 3rd of September:
Time: 9 – 12
Where: Mikes gym Marbella
If problem with the booking, comes in swedish, just email christina@posturalrorelse.se

Who am I

I have been working the last 6 years with people that have a lot of pain. Many of them have not got better after help from physiotherapist, chiropractors and doctors etc. This is a different way how to look at the body. The basic theory from "why" we get pain is diffrent from what is learned in normal practise. Then the why is diffrent so is the how.

A lot of this theory is a mix from postural training (most known is Pete Egosque method) and Tom Myers work with fascialines. It is also inspired from karate, kinesiology, energywork and how the fascia and lymphatic system works. I also look at how our bodylanguage and emotions affect our movement patterns.  I am a person that never stops looking for answers and love the puzzle of a human being. 

Our concept

Over the years I met a colleague that shares my passion for the function of a human. We started halsoflodet.se (Healthflow) and have developed our own way how to work. She brought in the interest of our body flows. How the lymphatic, blood and fascia work and how we can treat it to better flow and increase our body function and health.

We can see different patterns to what the body prioritize depending on bodytype and how we stand and move. This can be all from energy work and trauma to structural patters like an injured foot or not crawling when little.

The amazing thing with the body is that when it gets what it wants, it can change instantly. This can feel like “magic”.

What will we do

This is a workshop so you can try postural training and get an understanding on how the posture are affecting all the system like the lymphatic and fascia and vice versa. I will also bring in a bit about energy and show what a simple hand flip can do.

I will go into theory on what usually are the main causes why people get pain, get stiff, or restricted movement from our perspective. And what the most normal patterns people are stuck in and why.

If time, I will also give you a free analyse of your body function.

Postural training & treatments

Do you want help to a better balance and function in your movement and posture?

The training and treatments are based on postural training and different treatment techniques:

  • Postural training includes exercises for your postural imbalances. We activate what does not work. release compensations, strengthen what is weak and integrating so all muscle chains know how to work together. 
  • Postural muscles protect the joints and also works as pumps for our fluids, they work in a fascailly connected chain deep in our body. They are also stabilizing the core and movement muscles. Our diafragma and hipflexors are part of our postural chain of muscles.
  • Treatments can be lymph & fascia massage, healing, breath techniques, acupressure, triggerpoints, kinesiology, fascia deep wave treatment (with machine), movement therapy, aromatherapy etc

The body have a priority to any problem you have and it is reflected in your posture, body language and movement amazingly. These can shift through time. Therefore we always look at diffrent systems to see what your priority lies at this moment. Example mental, emotional, energy, lymphatic, fascia, blood circulation, organ function, neurosystem, muscular system, sleep, light, breath, diet etc.

By looking at your posture and movement as well as listening to your story, we can understand what you need. The body always want to go back to optimal balance given the right priority, therefore you should feel a direct change at the first session.

If problem with the booking, it is in swedish, just email christina@posturalrorelse.se our contact me below to book a session. 
Common problems:
    • Headache
    • Jaw and neck problems
    • Impingement
    • Golf and tennis elbow
    • Fatigue
    • Stiffness
    • Poor balance
    • Poor coordination
    • Respiratory problems
    • Scoliosis
    • Back pain
    • Hip pain
    • Joint problems
    • Knee pain
    • Plantar fasciit
    • Halgus valgus
    • Stiff and sore feet
    • Recurrent injuries
    • Cold hand and feets
    • Swollen
    • "Stuck" in the body
    • Can never relax
    • Tiredness
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