Why do Postural training & treatments?

  • Better posture
  • Better function
  • No more pain

By improving our posture, we also improve the conditions for the body to function optimally. When the body is straightened, our natural mobility, strength and easiness in movement are usually restored.

A good posture reduces muscular imbalances which are often the cause of symptoms as pain. When we are no longer tense or are in pain, the body has an opportunity to invest its resources in other things, such as self-healing.

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Postural training & treatment

1 500 :- 90 min

Located in Skanstull in Stockholm city.

Lymphatic & Fascia treatment

1 500 :- 90 min
We use swedish fascia vibes machine to releases the fascia painfree to increase your vascular flow. Including manual treatment and lymphatic exercises. Clothes are kept on.

Test your posture

Want to know what your imbalances are? Do a couple of selected tests in your home and see what you need help with.

Postural training online 4 free

Are you curious and want to know more about postural training? Try the free online course in postural training with film and materials.

What do we do at Postural Movement?

Postural Movement helps you to find a balance and awareness in your movement, posture and lifestyle adapted to your prerequisites. You get help through training, treatment and counseling to get there, but the journey is your own. 

The training and treatments are basically based on the Optimum method with postural training and different treatment techniques. Another big part is movement training from Walkfeeling and inspiration from various therapies where movement is in focus. But also uses knowledge from Stress Management, Diet Advice, Respiratory techniques, Kinesiology, Biomagnetism, Optimum mind, Aromatherapy, and more based on other educations and experience when needed. Deep-wave treatment with Swedish fascia vibes and laser thearapy is also used when needed. 

Postural Rörelse has partners in functional medicine and other treatment therapies such as lymphatic massage when needed. Sometimes we need other therapies to be able to have the best possible effect of the training.

Today we are both in Stockholm and in South of Dalarna. The farm in the southern valleys is isolated in the forest near a spring lake. During the summers we hold retreats for both therapists and customers on the farm. 

What does customers say?

"Very careful examination of the body. The measures immediately helped my problems that I have been struggling with for 20 years." - Sara H - 

"Christina is fantastic and has a deep skill you go in broken and leave her WHOLE ❤️ I am so grateful!" - Eva O - 

"Super in every way! You get help to release the tension in the body, both short-term through treatment but also long-term by getting individually tailored exercises. An investment in one's physical health! But you get so much more with you, Christina is so kind, competent, helpful and familiar with other mental health as well. Glad I found it here! " - Cecilia Svensson - 

"Christina is incredibly empathetic and knowledgeable. Feels that the treatment goes deep and works with the cause of pain / imbalance. Highly recommend." -Yvonne Kamb - "

Absolutely fantastic to get the help the body needs. Highly recommended!" - Margareta Syd - "

Christina helps me with my osteoarthritis in the hip and now after my hip surgery we work together to find back to balance and mobility. I feel a strong support from Christina and she is always happy and prepared. Even though it is sometimes a difficult treatment, we can laugh and keep the humor, I really appreciate that. Always get something new to think about and exercises to tackle after my visits. I highly recommend Christina to my injured friends. "- Andréa F. -

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