Postural training & treatment

1850 :- 110 min

1550 :- 90 min

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Lymphatic & Fascia massage

1850 :- 110 min

1550 :- 90 min

In this treatment, we activate the lymphatic system and release stagnations such as scar tissue together with balancing the neurosystem. Tools that are often used are essential oils, deep wave machine for the fascia and cavity and radio frequency machine for lymph and blood flow.

    Postural training & treatments

    The visit basically consists of two parts: postural training and various forms of treatment. Example of treatments used is deep fascia wave treatment, acupressure, massage, trigger points, lymphatic massage and kinesiology.

    This helps the body regain a natural posture, mobility and strength while the root cause of any pain often disappears as muscles and joints no longer become overloaded.
    The visit includes:
      • Movement, posture and function analysis.
      • Review of history
      • Treatment
      • Balancing imbalances
      • Exercises to straighten your posture
      • Training program between sessions for long-lasting result


    More and more people live with pains that have become part of everyday life, backpain, knee problems, tense shoulders and necks are increasingly common. This takes a lot of energy
    and affects the quality of life. 

    Physical imbalances can arise due to many reasons such as sedentary lifestyle, stress, trauma,
    monotonous movement, overload, nutritional imbalances, sleep and injuries. 

    The body is amazing and adapts quickly
    according to different situations and happily compensates to solve any
    problem. The problem is that it doesn't always reset completely without correct


    The visit includes coaching, converation about your history, posture, function and movement analyzes and treatment. 

    The treatment can consist of deep wave treatment with Swedish fascia vibes, lymphatic massage, acupressure, or other gentle forms of treatment. Based on the analyzes and the tests, an individual training program is made to practice between visits.

    If necessary, the training programs are modified or completely new after each visit training progresses. Both the first and the second visit are fundamental for
    finding the biggest imbalances and to ensure that the exercises are performed
    in the right way.

    Visits vary according to need, 2–5 times is most common with 3–6 weeks intervals over a period of 2–6 months. Each visit is 80 min, except the first which is up to 110 min. If under the age of 16, 1-2 shorter visits are usually enough. 

    When the body is in its natural balance. it does not require much to maintain
    the result. Improvement usually occurs already at the first the visit.

    For who?

    For everyone.

    The training is easy but can be challenging both physically, mentally and emotionally. These are simple exercises that require focus on how they are performed; where positioning, activation, breathing and relaxation interact. Most people feel a direct effect at the first visit. However exercises needs to be performed a period of time for long lasting results.

    To see the body's movement and posture and to be able to perform the exercise, soft training clothes that shows your figure are recommended.